Have you ever had a gingerbread house collapse while decorating it?

That will never happen with a Gingerwood House. You can load on all the candy and frosting you want and it will never collapse or fall over because it is made out of WOOD!

But the best part of a Gingerwood House is that it can be lit up!
Each house is pre-drilled to fit Christmas lights (not included).

It's completely reusable year after year. You can decorate it for all the holidays.

Because the wood is sealed, the candy and frosting will wash right off with hot water. It's that easy to clean up.

The Gingerwood House is 6 1/2" tall, 9 1/4" wide and 11" deep.

Unfortunately the Gingerwood House will not be available fully assembled this year. But if you are feeling handy, you can purchase the plans. The plans have detailed instructions, measurements and templates to help you build your own Gingerwood house. The recipe for Gingerwood frosting is included with Gingerwood plans.

You can purchase the detailed plans and instructions to make your own Gingerwood house below for $7.00.